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Solar sun rings suck

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Using solar pool Solar sun rings suck is a cheaper alternative to heating your pool and reducing energy loss caused by evaporation. Solar pool rings are light and clear inflatable disks that are placed on the pool as a cover. Basically, they work like solar pool covers, but they can be disassembled for easier usage and storage. Solar pool rings, in fact, are known to be more effective than bubble pool blankets. Solar rings are just as effective as solar pool covers. A single ring can save up to 21, BTU of heat on a daily basis.

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Some brands offers rings that have magnetized edges that allow them Solar sun rings suck connect to one another; this also means they are easy to disassemble and remove. Unlike solar pool covers, solar rings do not require the setup of complicated mechanisms such as a reel system. If you have recently gotten yourself a set of solar pool rings, the first thing you have to do is to unpack them and lay them out under the sun for around half an hour.

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