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Wife story strips

Pron Pictures Wife story strips.

Wife story strips you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Tue 21st of January Report. My wife strips for my sleaze of a boss and gets coerced into fucking him like a whore. I found this story somewhere on this site and just did a second draft of it. Enjoyed the premise, so all props to the original author, just wanted to try something Wife story strips.

Amateur Night It was one of those nights where my wife and me went for happy hour in the afternoon. We got pretty buzzed by 8 pm. We were on the way back home and took a detour to avoid traffic. In the path of the detour was a strip joint.

My wife egged me on about visiting the strip joint Wife story strips thought it would adventurous for both of us. I always complained about me and her being kinky and doing wild things. She was feeling tipsy and it helped in her opening up. So I found parking easily and we both went in. They were able to make money as well if the guys offered.

It was ten dollars to get in and I asked my wife jokingly if she wanted too. She gave me a sly look and said no.

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