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Ass hole spider net pic

Naked Galleries Ass hole spider net pic.

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Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Music Editor Liz Tracy was interviewing Tattoo Dave Amchir when up walked a skinny, young topless blonde, her nips covered by electric tape Xes, black fairy wings inked on her back, and an unlit cigarette in hand. We were standing between the bar and the buffet line at a Marriott in Coral Springs on the busy floor of the South Florida Tattoo Expo.

Later, Maria Louise Del Rosario straddled a massage table, back arched, butt raised and open, and said, "Dude, you can pound this ass, and it feels so good Her right eye Ass hole spider net pic.

She licked her lips and smiled. Video we shot of the event immediately went viral.

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It received over 3 million views on YouTube in three days, and inspired commenters from around the world to call her everything from a redneck slut to the bane of all humanity. What follows is our interview:.

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Maria Louise Del Rosario: My dad was born on June 12, at 6: If you divide it by two, that's. Oh shit, then what? When I was 19, I was dating a pill-head.

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He couldn't keep his dick up so I started watching porn, and the only thing that entertained me was butt sex. So, I bought a toy and started playing with myself. When I broke up with the pill-head I asked my neighbor Vince to help me with moving his stuff out.

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We were real comfortable together and I told him I was curious about my little butt so he got me into it and stuff, and I was like y'know, let's brand it, but I want it in your handwriting. So he got a black marker, and signed my ass in big bold letters and then putso when you flip me over it says When I got it tattooed, he held my cheeks open while I was choking myself from the pain. SUPER DEAL 40'' Spider...

Then we ended up breaking up because he said he couldn't see us getting married or starting a family. And I'm already all healed up and ready to go. It heals fast because the cheeks are squeezed together.

No oxygen gets through. I had ten shots of Jager in me, and they're calling me a crackhead, or a meth-head.

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I took a drug test that morning for probation. I'm totally against man-made drugs. I was laughing and having fun. I wish we got a dollar for every hit we got. All the video commenters, the first night I cried myself to sleep, but when I woke up in the morning and it had half a million hits, I smiled.

I ain't gonna stop till I reach the top.

What I wanna do with all the fame is pursue my modelling shit. I wanna show off my ink, butt naked, not clothes and crap like that. When you show off your body, it's what God blessed you with.

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How do you make money? I work at a mechanic shop part-time learning how to fix cars, picking up parts, answering the phone. They know everything about me. What's awesome is we're open and honest about shit.

I live right across the street and there's more than one shop so all the mechanic boys love me.

Sep 26, The diving bell...

I wanna write a book. I've been through hell and back, and my story is gonna blow the whole world away.

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Now, I just wait till the money starts piling up and I can just pull it out of my ass. I'm real, that's all it is. I went out into the world at I worked my ass off with honest jobs and I did the right thing, and now my ass is famous overnight.

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