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How to survive valentines day single

New xXx Pics How to survive valentines day single.

Sami Wunder is a London-based dating and relationship expert. Here she shares some of her specialist advice on getting through the international day of love unfazed.

Time to pull up your socks in the love department. Here are some thoughtful ways you can have a grand time on this day, no matter your relationship status. Sit down and take the time to write a really charming love letter to yourself.

Feed Your Single Soul With...

Write it in the finest ink. A love letter written to self is particularly vibe lifting.

If you're single, Valentine's Day...

It shifts you from a mindset of self-pity to one of empowerment quickly. Spray some scent into it and you have old school romance right at your doorstep.

Read it over and over again during the day and enjoy the special feelings it evokes. Remind yourself you deserve it and get yourself that gift.

Remember, self-love is always in fashion.

Dedicated to your stories and...

Enjoy a warm lavender bath with candles, drink a glass of wine or just sleep longer and have breakfast in bed. Go for whatever feels good without guilt.

While Valentine's Day is considered...

Regardless, you get to get dressed up and enjoy a piece of cake or a meal in your favourite restaurant, or a cocktail and a giggle with your single pals. Everyday life is busy.

For The Love Birds

Work, bosses, children, do take a toll on the romantic time we spend with our partners. Set out two hours for a magical date and then just be with them.

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