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Spinach give you gas

Pron Videos Spinach give you gas.
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Spinach is loaded with nutrients. However, spinach can cause some unpleasant side effects if you eat it in large quantities.

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Spinach is high in oxalic acid, a chemical that can bind with iron and calcium and cause your body to absorb less of these important nutrients. To combat this problem, take in some vitamin C when you eat spinach; you can do this by having a glass of orange juice or a tomato whenever you eat spinach.

Why Does Spinach Cause Gas?

Vitamin C will help your body better absorb calcium and iron. If you are already prone to kidney stones, your doctor may suggest avoiding spinach, among other foods.

Spinach contains purines, which are organic compounds that your body turns into uric acid. Having high levels of uric acid in your body increases your risk of developing kidney stones.

However, spinach can cause some...

The oxalic acid in spinach can also cause the levels of calcium oxalate in your urine to rise, which can also promote kidney stones. A common, but harmless, side effect of eating spinach is feeling as though your teeth are gritty or slimy.

Spinach is one such leafy...

This is caused by the oxalic acid found in spinach. Oxalic acid contains small crystals that do not dissolve in water. The grit is harmless and can be removed easily by brushing your teeth. Spinach is high in dietary fiber; a cup of cooked spinach contains 6 g of fiber.