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How to cast a voodoo love spell

Porn Pics & Movies How to cast a voodoo love spell.

Do you have problems with your partner? Fights, misunderstandings or lack of harmony? Is everything breaking down? Many times, one can fix these problems with the help of someone who knows how to handle such situations.

Consequences of powerful love spells

We can help you to get your relationship back on track! I live with [XY] in love, understanding and harmony.

Some tips for your magic...

I thank the God's love for accomplishment and power. I am a good partner to [XY].

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So it is, so it is happening! If you desire someones love, follow these love spell instructions: Cast the spell during a waxing moon, preferably on Friday. Friday is dedicated to Venus, the Goddess of love, and the waxing moon favours attraction.

In addition, the gods of love are called during the ritual: Venus, Erzulie, Maria Magdalena, Shiva…. You can further support the spell by scattering orange flowers or honey on the altar, which in many cultures represent the wedding.

Other tools can be designed and incorporated into the ritual using your imagination: Mold two puppets out of clay or sew them from white cloth- one of yourself and one of the loved one. Equip them How to cast a voodoo love spell the characteristic features of the gender and fill them with some hair or fingernails when possible.

More energy you dedicate to this, stronger it will be.

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For example, love magic can use for getting How to cast a voodoo love spell back together their photographs. During the magic ritual, one can take photos of two people who should belong together and stick them to each other with honey. Faces on those photos should look towards each other. Then, one should put those photos under a red or green candle, and visualise strongly, that these two people are back together in love and harmony.

Beware, one should feel only positive things, like being grateful for this to happen or happiness and excitement. Doubts, worries and fear, that it won't come true, spoil the love spell and nothing will happen! During the love ritual preparations, follow your inner feelings: Think about what you would and should do so that your love lasts forever.

We recommend you to get inspiration in this books: The Mastery of love and Gary Chapman: The 5 love languages. It is essential to fulfil these promises!