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October 18, Progressive Misbelief. For well over a century, "progressives" have a proud tradition of not only exposing what is best for other people often correctly, I might add but also thinking they know what other people believe often incorrectly. There's a paternalism inherent to the progressive movement that can come awfully close to racism or at least a white-savior complex when it comes to policies that impact non-white people.

A recent article points out how white liberals of which I count myself have, on issues of race, moved to the left of black Americans. If you, like me, hang around mostly with a liberal white set, you might believe 1 the greatest problem in Police officer blog black neighborhoods is the risk of being shot by police; 2 crime is down everywhere; 3 black neighborhoods are over-policed and 4 any attempt to apply policing solutions to neighborhood problems of crime, violence, Police officer blog fear is part of a right-wing plot to throw more blacks in prison.

There are other crazy things I hear as well, like, for instance, proven crime-reduction strategies -- take hot spots policing and Broken Windows minus the zero-tolerance -- are racist because they disproportionately impacted African Americans. I've seen this for a while now on issues of policing issues, and it frustrates me to no end.

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Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but white liberals and "progressives," particularly the woke set, seem to Police officer blog a certain fondness for thinking they know what other people should believe. That is a privilege you should check. Blacks want more police presence more than whites want more police presence. Read that again, if you have to. I remember having a discussion about this fact with a nice editor at a major national magazine.

At first she simply didn't believe it. It didn't fit her worldview nor the view of her mostly white coworkers. It didn't fit the narrative.

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