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A 37 year old woman likes me, but it's impossible because I am only Last year for summer vacation I left the States for two months to visit my father. During these two months, I met a friend of my dad's, a lady named Sofia. She is 37 years old, divorced I believe I don't ask for personal detailshas a 11 year old daughter, and has been single for quite some time.

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Even though she is 37, she is extremely attractive. She is very pretty and you can't tell that she's However, we were not very close at all last year, in fact, I don't even think you could consider us friends.

She would just accompany my dad and I out for dinner, go out with us sometimes, etc. She couldn't believe that I was only 15 when she met me for the first time last year. She said she kept thinking I was at least 18 years old.

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Not to sound conceited, I am just retelling the facts. Then during the last day of my stay, she accompanied me the entire day.

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During the final hour Older woman likes me my dad's house, she told me that if she were a few years younger she would definitely love me. This year has passed much differently however.

Everywhere we go now, we hold hands, she wraps her arm around mine like a couple, she rests her head on my shoulders, we hug, I put my arms around her neck, and we touch each other, not sexually, but like I would touch her hair, she would touch my biceps, etc.

Also, she has told me various times this year Older woman likes me she likes me, at least 5 times now that I think about it. We joke and talk about a lot of things. She teaches me about girls, dating, and sex. We have gone out quite a few times this year and I know we both have lots of fun. She has been trying to get me set up with a girlfriend right now, but at the same time, we still hold hands everywhere we go, etc.

We also made a pact that we would stay good friends until the day we die. However, she kept asking me what I felt we were before.

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I said "just OK friends. She tries to act like we're nothing although I feel she really wants us to be closer. Sofia just laughed and said that's impossible, although the way she said it made me doubt her. I don't understand if she is just toying around with me or if she actually likes me.

Share Share this post on Digg Del. What kind of 37 year old develops an emotional attachment for a 16 year old? Sorry hon, but you're still a kid. Adults should be attracted to adults, and because she's not I suspect all inside her headspace is not quite right. I had a 35 year old married lady come on to me back when I was I had a girlfriend I had been seeing for over a year at the time too. This lady and I worked in the same restaurant. She was a Older woman likes me, I a cook.

One night while closing up, she and I were the last remaining two there. I attempted to pass by her to go into the other room for something. She refused to move, then push me up against the doorway and kissed me attempted french kiss She also said she hadn't been that hot since she'd met her husband. I pushed her off then pretended nothing had happened to finish up as we Older woman likes me nearly finished up anyway.

I guess I was in shock Yes, she was attractive looking too. I felt very awkward the following day. I wound up quitting that job a few days later. I told my folks what happened, they kinda made light of it I guess thinking it was cute or even made up??? A sixteen year old did not type this. I've heard and seen how they use English. What is going on in here today? Are we reading real posts or fiction?

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I am only 15 at the moment, I turn 16 in a few months. Also, you people are grossly overreacting. Some of you are even thinking about sex? We're not even close to that. I guess my first post was too serious, we're just good friends right now.

Older woman likes me I posted this because it has been on my mind for awhile and I wanted to share it. But everyone is overreacting. This is not friendship, bud. I've heard and seen how they use English We have a younger member who blows the doors off most adults in terms of vocabulary and grammar.

Don't be so hasty to generalize. Any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness that I can show to my fellow creatures, let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. I dunno, but most people say I am too mature for my age. If you are mature as you are telling us just stay away.

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That is not good for either of you. Generally speaking -- women reach their peak sexually in their 30's. At first I thought that perhaps this woman was cozying up to you in an effort to get closer to your dad, but now I'm thinking that maybe she is just not clicking along on all cylinders. This is inappropriate attention and contact. Put a stop to Older woman likes me. Its great that you feel you have a friend, but you need to talk to your dad about this and get his input and guidance.

Older woman likes me certainly does not sound healthy. Trouble will be plentiful if not. She knows better and I sense that you do too. Want some advice from a 24 year old man who is not bs'ing you and giving you the full info?

You have two options. Stay away from her emotionally. This is the probably the major reason she is attracted to you.

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In your young years especially puberty you are much more open emotionally and women get verry turned on by this. Women your age are not so interested in you becuase they look up the ladder.

And if the sex is with an emotionaly untouched and verry open stunningly gorgeous young MAN cause you are fully functional that can give untouched open emotional passion all the better twice the pleasure. Especially if he is from out of the country and only in for a short period Older woman likes me time. The only thing is you can and most probably will get emotionaly involved and this can f It will be your first heart break etc.

In the worst case she is a manipulator and is doing this intentionally to you as her own little mind game. But from the info your giving I would say she is just lost in her romantic ideas of when she was a teenager herself.

Have sex with her the moment you turn 18 or if its legal in the country your at right now.

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If you do ,you will be in for a treat. Only choose this option if you are strong enough emotionally and have you're priorities and thougts clearly set on sex. If your not then don't do it. Especially not on Older woman likes me basis of feelings of love cause the relationship will never work. That's the situation my man. Go and do what feels right to you and don't Older woman likes me anyone sway you from that.

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