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Bat girl gets fucked

Porn Galleries Bat girl gets fucked.

Barbara Gordon, also known as Batgirl felt the cock penetrate deeper into her ass, she let out a scream as her anus was spread wide by the thick shaft.

We were told that she has been immediately sentenced to time in Arkham City without waiting for a trial. Reports say that Commissioner Gordon is using every source he knows to try and get her out, even contacting millionaire playboy, Bruce Wayne, who has been very vocal about his disagreement with the erecting of the quarantine zone within city limits.

Barbara screamed again as Hugo Stranges crotch slapped against her ass. The impact rippled her buttocks and filled the small interrogation room with the sound of Bat girl gets fucked. In a flash, it all came back to her. Barbara had been in her dorm with Dick Grayson. Ever since shed been Bat girl gets fucked with Poison Ivys love potion and Scarecrows fear toxin within a fifteen minutes of each other, shed been trying to fight off a case of mild nymphomania.

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Usually it didnt interfere with her life, but she needed Dicks help to keep her urges at bay. As far as Dick knew, Barbara was just being a wildcat and had no idea about the drugs in her system.

She hadnt been fucked by a villain since that night at Arkham, but it didnt stop her from fantasizing about it every time she suited Bat girl gets fucked. Now here she was, tied in a Bat girl gets fucked, with her naked ass exposed and Hugo Strange occasionally sticking his dick in her ass to get her attention. The psychiatrist pulled on Barbaras hair and gave another buck of his hips to drive his cock back up her ass, "Ms.

Gordon, your father is to stop petitioning against my prison or I will reveal your identity to the world along with the footage of Batgirl and her numerous indiscretions with the inmates of Arkham Asylum.

Barbara grimaced through the pain, her asshole had been stretched by a Titan-enhanced Joker so much that this cock should have barely registered, but she had just finished her rehabilitation and was now back to being just as tight as she had been the night before the Arkham breakout. Strange pulled on Barbara's hair, his other hand tightly gripped her toned ass as he yet again thrust his cock into her anus.

In his thick accent, he said, "I'm afraid that is not an option. You are merely a bargaining chip in Bat girl gets fucked game I am playing with your father and Batman, or should I say Bruce Wayne. Your fate lies on Mr.

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Wayne's ability to dissuade your father. She hated how it sounded so much like she was being an obedient little cum-receptacle, but in truth she actually liked the feeling of having a dick in her ass again. She was always too afraid what Dick might think if she asked him to do it.

Instead, he began to swiftly thrust his hips back and forth. His hard shaft sliding in and out of Barbara's asshole, spreading it wide and sending pain through her body.

Bat girl gets fucked

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