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Quotes about being cheated on and moving on

Naked Porn tube Quotes about being cheated on and moving on.

A new Thought Catalog series exploring our connection to each other, our food, and where it comes from.

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Knowing that your trust and...

A website by Thought. Never cheat on someone that is good to you.

Karma is a bitch. No woman could love a cheater and not pay the price for it. Next to hurting my family, cheating on me is the worst thing someone could do. Fuck You for cheating on me.

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Fuck you for reducing it to the word cheating. As if this were a card game, and you sneaked a look at my hand. Who came up with the term cheating, anyway?

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A cheater, I imagine. Someone who thought liar was too harsh. Someone who thought devastator was too emotional. These are our lives.

You went and broke our lives. You are so much worse than a cheater. And you killed it when its back was turned. But I would beat him up.

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