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Lesbian eating out asshole

Porn Galleries Lesbian eating out asshole.

Eating ass — also called rimming or analingus — can be a way to explore new erogenous zones, play with intense nerve endings, and get more creative with your lesbian sex or lesbian sex adjacent activities.

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Getting your ass eaten is fun because assholes have a ton of sensitive nerve endings and it feels good. Ass play is still seen as a little taboo, and taboos are nothing if not super hot to break.

Like with any new sex act, talk about it together. Like most sex, and especially like most anal sex, ass play requires a little preparation.

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And also like most anal sex, the main thing people seem to worry about is poop. You already know that women can give each other STIs, and that dental dams and gloves!

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Ass eating is no different. You can transmit STIs, along with hepatitis A, B, and C, and parasites, from analingus; to reduce the risk, use dental dams, gloves and condoms, all with a compatible water- or silicone-based lube.

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Change your gloves or wash your hands, swap the condom over the strap-on or strapless, or swish mouthwash as relevant. When it comes to diving in, analingus is a lot like cunnilingus. Start off with lighter, more indirect touches, and then get more enthusiastic as your partner gets more turned on. It becomes pretty apparent when people are making good happy noises.

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Circle the outside, criss-cross the surface, or try long licks in different directions. Think of all the ways it can move. Circles, darting licks, and sinuous tongue twists will all spice things up.