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Best facial tanner

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We want the best self-tanner for our face without a trial-and-error process. If you have dry skinself-tanners can stick to the dry patches in the most unfortunate way.

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If you have oily or acne-prone skinsome self-tanners might clog pores and cause breakouts. And if you have sensitive skinthe chemicals and fragrances in some self-tanners might cause an inflamed flare-up.

Here are our official picks for the 10 best self tanners for your face. Already have a favorite moisturizer, serum or face oil?

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Just spray on, rub in, and go. The light gel consistency is easy to blend into the skin and dries quickly. Plus, it gives a sheer-but-buildable tint with no tell-tale streaks.

The color is perfect, too: Use this every day to hydrate your skin while adding a natural tint of color. It even has SPF 20 to help protect your face from the sun. This tanner can be used Best facial tanner over, but we recommend grabbing the smaller and more affordable travel size solely for using on your face.

You can get a natural, non-streaky tan on your face just by massaging this on with your hands.

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Clarins is kind of the old-school standard when it comes to self-tanning, and their Radiance-Plus is pretty awesome. Just add a couple Best facial tanner to your daily moisturizer to add a subtle warmth to your complexion.

This product has a light and fast-absorbing consistency and formula designed for even the most sensitive skin.

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This self tanner will actually hydrate your skin without blocking pores. The best part is that it gives a natural glow without that stinky self-tanner smell.

You can use one quick-drying towel a few times a week for a gradual tan, or use several in quick succession for a deeper, faster tan. Not only do these towels deliver a natural tan, but they also hydrate and exfoliate the skin for a Best facial tanner healthy glow. This jelly self-tanner promises a natural glow after four weeks of use.

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Fancy the idea of getting a natural, glowing tan while you sleep? Try out this genius overnight mask that works hard while you sleep to give your skin hydration, anti-aging benefits, and a healthy glow.

We want the best self-tanner...

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If you're an avid fake-tanner, then you should know that tanning your face isn't the same process for your body. As facial skin is highly sensitive.

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