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Is tom cruise bisexual

Pron Pictures Is tom cruise bisexual.

Hey it Is tom cruise bisexual on last week and the episode is now up for an Emmy. Interesting that he cares so much.

Lets have it documented right here, right now, first on Wikipedia before any news agency Breaking news that Tom and Katie are having their baby right now as I type this, in a hospital in Toledo. This needs editing for continuity: There's a reference to someone called "Holmes" and several paragraphs later an explanation and link.

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Some of the Scientology material is repeated. Perhaps it could begin with a chronological biography from birth to the present day. This sentence appears to be a classic case of post hoc ergo propter hoc as it insinuates the subjects listed are the cause Is tom cruise bisexual his decline in popularity.

Not without citation to proof, anyway. Is it appropriate to mention the rumors regarding his sexuality?

Not to make a judgement, of course, but to acknowledge their persistence? Right, I'm bloody removing it. I just looked at this page while watching Vanilla Skyand that first statement made me sick.

While many fans contend that his smile is one of his most notable features, one of his upper front incisors is off-color, and he started wearing braces in He removes them during filming.

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Why doesn't he just come out of the closet? It has been a constant point of discussion since his first wife made allegations in a Playboy interview that he never had sex with her.

There have also been individuals male who have come forward to say that he has had sex with them. It isn't Is tom cruise bisexual rumor that just appeared recently out of nowhere Navy pilot he portrayed in his breakout movie Top Gun.

This assertion sounds like it's probably false. The navy requires its pilots to be a certain minimum height? I'd like to see a cite for that. It might make sense for Is tom cruise bisexual to have a certain maximum height or weight, which I think they do. But minimum height doesn't make sense beyond being able to reach floor pedals, which I'm sure a 5'7" person could do.

From this pagewe find somebody apparently pasting a Navy requirements manual.

Tom Cruise and John Travolta...

The height strictures are 58 inches to 78 inches, with variations in rules for sitting heights and for different particular aircraft.

It's possible that the particular jet Cruise's character flew had a specific minimum height requirement of 5'8", but that doesn't seem particularly likely since the heights between 64" and 78" are "most likely anthropometrically compatible" with most planes. Cruise's 5'7" is 67 Is tom cruise bisexual, well above the minimum of 58 inches and also within the range of likely compatibility for most planes.

If this assertion is going to be in the article, it's going to need a cite. It sounds like an ill-researched factoid. Regardless of the links provided, you're clearly interpreting "58 inches " as "5'8" 5 feet, 8 inches.

In "Organic Chemistry" by P. Yurkanis Bruice the story about adolphine is Is tom cruise bisexual to be true. So far as I know the phrase "defaulted on the law suit" has no legal meaning. And it isn't clear who was suing whom. The Oprah appearance seems to be too prominently featured already, and the suggestion to the effect that he won't be considered for major roles because of is risible.

I may underestimate the importance of the appearance, but I can't believe it rates more highly than a marriage and divorce, previous film roles, etc. The Oprah interview sparked off the current ridicule Tom is experiencing in the media. Leaving that out would be like writing an article on Michael Jackson and omitting information on the whole Martin Bashir interview.

Cruise's outspoken beliefs and mainstream society's suspicion of his beliefs are a major part of his public image and persona. Mentioning his outburst on the Oprah show is fine. This was in Is tom cruise bisexual article, but it's horribly biased. If the incident is worth having in the article, could someone NPOV?

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Does Tom Cruise actually live in the same building as Patrick Bateman? Added some more information regarding the homosexuality rumors.

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I am new at this Wikipedia and am still learning Someone might want to go in and clean it up a bit though. Anyone else hear about those people who squirted him with water? When I think of assault I think of wailing on someone with a plank, not squirting an actor in possession tens Is tom cruise bisexual millions of dollars with water.

What are we coming to where its the same thing to squirt someone with water as knock someone out? Redwolf24 3 July I found this flash at Newgrounds. Tom Cruise Gets Wet. Knocking someone out would be assault and battery.

NEWS.- Hollywood is upset by...

Assault by itself doesn't require contact. Just shaking your fist threateningly in a certain situation would be enough. Couldn't get away with calling it assault in England, lol, this should be in the article though. It was a big TC moment Bowen This section is a mess.

Masterclass is tom cruise bisexual sexy photo

It's just a collection of mostly unrelated sentences. I know this has been a battleground between the pro- and anti-Scientology Is tom cruise bisexual, but can't we get a decent section here? Tom Cruise is a member of the Church of Scientology, probably fairly high up. So it's important to him and he talks about it a lot. All the other stuff, which is just thinly veiled promotion or criticism of Scientology should be taken out.

I don't think this section is worth more than one paragraph. I've summarised it into two small paragraphs. I've noticed that several different people have been reverting edits to add a link to [1]supposedly because it's "inflammatory".

Tom Cruise and Matchbox Twenty's...

I don't see how the website is itself inflammatory. Some may find the URL somewhat questionable, but the website itself is just a list of tabloid occurances, all of them, so far as I can tell, true.

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The page is only satire anyway, it is not libelous and not hateful of Tom Cruise. I don't think it should be removed just because one user thinks it is ""inflammatory". Personally, I think "Tom Cruise is Nuts" Is tom cruise bisexual libel and inflammatory, even if the. Is tom cruise bisexual why I reverted it. I thought Tom Cruise was crazy, but when I found out that he dropped out of High School, that's the reason he believes in Scientology, he's just stupid.

Not to mention the speculation that has no bases of truth. I don't know why http: It's a website made by a fan, it contains real information and news, community for fans, among other things.

I'd like to have it again on the External Links.

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Anyone got a reliable news source on Tom Cruise claiming to have been Shakespeare, Bach, Napoleon and more in various past lives? It sounds a tad dubious with any other celebrity, it would be obvious satirebut I certainly wouldn't put it past him.

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Seems to originate from a fake interview: In the interview, Mr. Totally Sane Guy announced that he was Shakespeare in a previous life. Back in those glorious times when women suffered postpartum depression alone and without treatment, Fake Tom reported that he was much happier than he is today.

Not only did he write plays and sonnets and whatnot, but he also did some thing that have so far not been reported as typical Shakespearean activities - you know, things like "conquer[ing] nations, discover[ing] continents, and develop[ing] cures for diseases. She's my eternal soulmate. Cruise said the "sheer joy" of finding Katie again in his current life was something non-Scientologists could never understand. It's a joy I wish for all of you. It's possible that the Daily Record's interview Is tom cruise bisexual real, since past lives is definitely something that Scientologists believe in.

But the quotes aren't very convincing and some sound like a parody of the Matt Lauer interview. I'm surprised no one who can speak or write French hasn't carpeted all of you guys.

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The statement "This runs counter to the what is believed by most of the medical profession" referring to the belief that there's no such thing as a chemical imbalance would appear to require a reference. My college prof at Berkeley said that if you look at the scientific literature, there is nothing that says that a serotonin imbalance causes depression.

He said that breaking out of depression is more about rewiring the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that binds to G-coupled receptors, and that binding causes activation and inactivation of various genes, which is how the "rewiring" takes place. Breaking out of depression is like breaking out of a bad habit. Is tom cruise bisexual antidepressants do is very effective, but is not directly "fixing" depression.

OP, the answers to your questions about Tom Cruise can be found in a house I actually think Tom Cruise is asexual.

. I'm convinced that Kidman is bi or gay. Tom Is tom cruise bisexual and Matchbox Twenty's Rob Thomas are lovers! own rumors of bi- sexuality) found her husband in bed with Tom Cruise causing. Veteran actors Tom Cruise and John Travolta recently made headlines after a U.S. Star's latest cover issue screams, "Tom and John 30 Year Gay Secret" on top of an He was bi sexual He never went with him but look it up.

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