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Here you will find a gradually growing list of articles, books, selected chapters, and personal accounts, on the issues Find mutah partner Mutah, and relationships. We will also have literature on youth, society and other related matters.

Please scroll down Find mutah partner click on the title that interests you. You can also find rulings on these issues in the Marriage Law section. If you would like information on Nikah marriage Find mutah partner related topics please visit our sister site NikahMarriage. Inshallah, we will be updating the website with new literature and links regularly, so please visit us often.

Written by a revert Sister currently residing in the United States. It's a very nice read. After clicking on the above link, please click on subject heading you want to skip to from the Table of Contents.

The section on Mutah is a good introduction to the topic, particularly from the convert's point of view. See below for more details about this book. This is a brief introduction to Mutah in Islam.

This is a scholarly description of what Mutah is and briefly covers the arguments for and against its validity. This book is a very good source of information. The legal similarities and differences between Nikah marriage and Mutah are made clear.

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