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Athlete posters for doors during tourneys or tourneys meaning

xXx Images Athlete posters for doors during tourneys or tourneys meaning.

Fri 3 Aug We await the result of USA and Brazil. Clare Lawrence writes in: With the current squad there is plenty to work with looking forward to France. Today will be the only time I cheer for Brazil!

Alen Stajcic will be pleased with that result. But the sustained effort told and the Matildas were the better side in the second half and created a lot of good chances.

Aside from the goals Kerr hit the post and the keeper Hirao saved well from a Kerr header and a Gielnik drive. I was particularly impressed with Raso and Kennedy today.

Raso ran her socks off, as they say in the classics. Kerr was also much more involved than she was against the US and she seemed determined to get a goal on the ground she calls home as a Chicago Red Star. Two excellent second-half goals, from Kennedy and Kerr, has seen Australia get the points.

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Japan were impressive in midfield but they never really tested Williams, their play falling down in the final third. Amy Sayer, just 16, comes on for Kyah Simon.

But before she can get a touch the whistle goes! I really admire that way Japan plays and I think they could be quite good if they just figured out how to dominate the final third again. Williams makes easy work of a Japan cross. What do Australia do here? Settle for two or risk opening up in search of a third? Kerr finds Raso storming forward, her sleeves rolled up like John Travolta in Grease.

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If my maths is right and it seldom is as it stands the USA will need to win by two against Brazil to take out the tournament. Did Hirao need to come for that ball and leave her goal so exposed? Maybe not but Kerr did ever so well to make the most of the half chance. Kennedy, from deep, passes upfield to Simon who turns and knocks a through ball between the Japanese defenders.

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Kerr races onto it as Hirao comes up from goal. Kerr gets there first and like a tight-rope walker pushes the ball around Hirao. Staying on her feet despite stumbling she then knocks the ball to her right to get around the cover defence of Sameshima. This creates room for her to pass the ball into the centre of the net from 10 yards!

My dishwasher tripped the fuse box and it was lights out, internet out here. Kennedy picks up a yellow for bundling over a Japanese player as she was beating her to a loose ball. Kerr, heading with her back to goal, glances on a deep ball straight into the path of Gielnik. She races into the box and from an acute angle puts her laces through it.

Hirao does so well to deflect the ball out for a corner.

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That was going in! An escape for Australia! Iwabuchi collects on the right edge of the box and has time to turn, look up and shoot. Her powerful drive drifts just wide of the far post with Williams at full stretch!

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Some nice defensive interplay by Australia but one pass goes astray and it momentarily opens the door for Japan. Carpenter was across to cover a through ball in any case. Australia with the running at the moment.

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Carpenter finds Kellond-Knight on the left wing and she crosses centrally to Kerr. She finds a way to get a head to it despite being bookended by defenders.

Her header forces a fine diving save to her left by Hirao. Gielnik retrieves the ball on the byline but her cutback is cleared for a corner.

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Nothing comes of it. Gielnik gives away a foul in midfield and the Japanese push forward in search of an equalizer. Carpenter switches to Raso with a long cross-field ball. That would have been an amazing solo goal from Raso. Another free kick and Kennedy will take again, this time from a more central position.

She drives it straight at the wall. The ball rebounds to Kennedy who has a second crack at it. The ball catches a Japan body and deflects away to safety. Raso then knocks it past Sameshima and does her for pace. But her right foot shot from inside the box curls away from the far post. Lovely stuff from Raso. The corner to Japan is easily dealt with. Kerr hits the post! Gielnik hit a lovely Athlete posters for doors during tourneys or tourneys meaning cross from the right, Kerr met it near the six yard box and hung in the air like a plastic bag in the wind before cushioning a header against the left upright!

As it stands they are level with the USA on the standings in all facets obviously with the USA still to play against Brazil following this fixture. Another goal or two please. Kennedy scores from the free kick!

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She fired low and the three-woman Japan wall crumbled like a Milk Arrowroot when left in hot tea too long. It fizzed just inside the left post. Australia kick off and immediately Kerr is free down the left, a long ball by Kennedy setting her in motion. Kerr dribbles into the box but her angled shot is blocked.

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The ball comes free and Logarzo is chopped down by Miura right on the edge of the box. She gets a yellow, the Matildas get a free kick. Kennedy will take it. How was their coverage yesterday? One minute of added time. Japan on the attack again, but Carpenter slides in to a tackle and almost ice-cream scoops the ball downfield. She passes inside to Kerr who has two Japanese defenders in her grille.

Free kick to Japan, 27 yards from goal. Yokoyama stands behind it and tries her luck.

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