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What to expect dating a virgo man

xXx Videos What to expect dating a virgo man.

Virgo men can be shy and not always easy to get to know, but they make great friends and boyfriends -- their perfectionism makes for quite impressive dates! Found one that you have your eyes set on? Easy to see why -- they are smart, loyal, and down-to-earth.

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Here's what you need to know to date one of these men born between August 23 - September Reader Approved Why choose wikiHow? If you're interested in a Virgo man, be friends with him first.

Virgos are not passionate, ready-to-jump-into-bed creatures. They like to know exactly what they're getting into.

The will not get caught up in a whirlwind of romance. So be friends first! Show him that you're the real deal and his interest will spark. Get him to respect you. The traditional Virgo man needs a woman who is classy. She's smart, can hold her own, and is very mature for her age.

A Virgo man can be...

She has her act together. She's not one for gossip or trivial small talk just to hear her own voice. Don't try to get him to lust after you the Virgo man knows that's a dime a dozen ; get him to see you as a person worthy of his respect.

Don't show him pretty lip gloss, well-timed hair flips, and batting eyelashes. Show him a person that's awesome and that knows she's awesome.

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Be real with him. That's the only way you can truly gain his respect and loyalty. The Virgo man isn't the most direct, gutsy sign there is, to say the least.

You may need to give him some not-so-subtle hints that you're into him.

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He may need to know it's a sure thing before he takes any action. Can you blame him? No one likes rejection! Virgo is just as responsive to looks as he is to touch.

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So instead of touching him on the arm like every girl does, give him that look that screams, "Kiss me. Get ready for perfection. If there's one thing this guy is, it's a perfectionist.

Look, some would argue that...

He notices every little detail and expects it. He makes sure his linen closet is arranged by color, size, date purchased, and thread count. He can tell when picture frames aren't exactly centered, when a curry is missing the right amount of spice. This has its ups and downs -- so concentrate on the ups! He's the type of person that will notice if you've gained half a pound.

He's the type that will look at your hair and tell you when one strand is out of place. Give him the benefit of the doubt -- he's just trying to make everything perfect.

He's also the What to expect dating a virgo man of guy who will make sure your time together is just how you want it. That makes up for those nitpicky comments, doesn't it? You know that thing about perfection? How can things be perfect if they aren't the best? This Virgo also expects things to be nice. Not necessarily the most expensive actually quite the opposite -- more on that laterbut definitely well-put together and thought out. He can take a simple t-shirt and jeans and make it look classy because of the thought behind it.

That's how the relationship will go!

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Since he thinks everything out, your dates together will be planned and extravagant in their own way. He'll take you to a restaurant that he knows is good and knows exactly what to order and what to say to the staff to get the best table. He'll plan a night with the details so perfected that you wonder how he makes it look so effortless.

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Keep your look simple. Wear simple hairstyles, clothes, makeup, and jewelry -- stay away from ALL excesses, because Virgo men like natural beauty.

Virgo men can be shy...

You know that practical side of them? That's coming out here. They're not into "showy" or "artificial. Virgo wants his partner to be real. While they like nice things, brands don't mean anything to them. Simple and chic resonate with them much more than accessorized and expensive. You should be the thing that shines strongest, not that shiny bracelet you're wearing. Be clean and tidy. Keep your personal hygiene and grooming as clean and neat as possible.

And as much as your body should be clean, your living situation should be too! If Virgo walks into your house and finds piles and piles of unsorted garbage, he will not be coming back anytime soon.

Have a clean mantra when it comes to your entire life. If you're not, you risk walking in on this guy organizing your bedroom floor. Suggesting a new soap for you try to get rid of that smell. Throwing out all the expired ranch dressing in your fridge. These are conversations that are better off being avoided! Don't be extravagant and wasteful. Back to that dang practicality.

Virgo knows exactly what he needs and exactly that he doesn't need anything more. Just the same as he What to expect dating a virgo man do showy displays of affection, he's really not all that showy himself -- and wants What to expect dating a virgo man partner to have a similar mentality.

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Things needn't be complex and unnecessary. That's just more for him to worry about and sift through in his mind! If Virgo is cooking you dinner in your kitchen and runs across 6 jars of paprika, 5 of which are unopened, he'll wonder if you were too lazy to look through your cabinets before you went to the store and know that you're wasteful with your money.

So do yourself and your budget a favor and the environment! Virgo being an Earth sign and all, he expects his partner to be stable, too.

Being capricious and prone to anger or mood swings is not his cup of tea. He likes life to be simple, remember? Dramatics don't have a place in his world. Emotions are fine when in appropriate dosages. Freak outs, gossip, and drama are not! This What to expect dating a virgo man to say don't tell him how you feel, if you're feeling particularly moody. Just try to be rational and logical about it. Instead of calling him, crying because your best friend is prettier than you are today, take a step back.

Hang out with him that night and talk about your struggle with your image. He'll see that you're calm and receptive -- instead of flighty and incomprehensible. Be ready to be pleased.

Finding and Keeping the Virgo...

While you shouldn't be expecting grand shows or intense theatrics in this relationship, you should expect to be pleased. Virgo loves everything being perfect and will therefore make sure you're happy. He doesn't know how to operate if you're not! If you give him something to do, he will do it to a T and then go a step further.

That's one hell of a partner! He may not make a big deal of your relationship turning serious, but know that he's probably thinking about it.

When he's opening up to you easily, trusting you, allowing you to be his rock, know that you're in. You may not get your name up in lights, but you'll get a constant love that is eternal. Know that he's an Earth sign.

Virgo along with Taurus and Capricorn are Earth signs. This means, generally, that they're very stable and resistant to change.

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They are sturdy in their ways and know what they want and need. They're usually slow to open -- but once they do, it's permanent.

Here are a few things to remember when dating a Virgo man. It happens so because men of this sign have thousands of various thoughts at. Everyone is special in their own way, but these reasons to date a Virgo man will blow you away.

I'll explain to you how to date a Virgo man in these 7 easy steps.

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