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Biphobia is aversion toward bisexuality and toward bisexual people as a social group or as individuals. It can take the Bisexual black white of denial that bisexuality is a genuine sexual orientation, or of negative stereotypes about people who Bisexual black white bisexual such as the beliefs that they are promiscuous or dishonest.

People of any sexual orientation can experience or perpetuate biphobia. Biphobia is a portmanteau word patterned on the term homophobia. It derives from the English neo-classical prefix bi- meaning "two" from bisexual and the root -phobia from the Greek: Along with transphobia and homophobiait is one of a family of terms used to describe intolerance and discrimination against LGBT people.

The adjectival form biphobic describes things or qualities related to biphobia, and the less-common noun biphobe is a label for people thought to harbor biphobia. Biphobia need not be a phobia as defined in clinical psychology i. Its meaning and use typically parallel those of xenophobia. Biphobia can lead people to deny that bisexuality is "real", asserting that people who identify as bisexual are not genuinely bisexual, or that the phenomenon is far less common than they claim.

One form Bisexual black white this denial is based on the heterosexist view that heterosexuality is the only true or natural sexual orientation. Thus anything that deviates from that is instead either a psychological pathology or an example of anti-social behavior. In these instances, homophobia and biphobia are largely the same.

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