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Soybean maturity groups

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Soybean development and maturity is related to day length or, more specifically, duration of darkness.


If their average maturity is a 3. When deciding on the proper maturity consider the following. Maturity of a soybean variety is the length of time from planting to physiological maturity just prior to harvest.

Confused by soybean maturity groups?...

Maturity group zones were developed to define where a soybean cultivar is best adapted. The maturity group is determined by abiotic factors.

The main factor is photoperiod, followed by temperature, age and other environmental factors. Shorter days trigger soybean development; however, when daylight increases springdevelopment slows. Flowering will differ significantly due to photoperiod, which is a constant value for a specific time period, location and genotype.

More than 45 years ago scientists Scott and Aldrich delineated and published hypothetical optimum maturity group zones across the U. In Zhang, et al. Maturity groups can range from Soybean maturity groups in the North up in Canadato latest 10in the South.

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There are gradations within maturity groups formed by adding a decimal to the maturity group number e. For example, a seed company may offer a soybean variety with a 3. There have been significant changes Soybean maturity groups soybean genetics soybean oil profile, herbicide traits, yieldmanagement practices row spacing, seeding rates, seed treatments and climate conditions.

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Based on research with current soybean genotypes, it is thought that the timing of flowering as well as the adaptability could be changing. Because there was a lack of peer-reviewed studies covering the U.

If a variety is a late maturity and moved too far North, maturity is delayed, seedfill occurs during cool, short fall days, and frost may occur before maturity.

If an early variety is moved too far South, it matures faster, and seedfill occurs during hot, dry July or August days.

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Spread your risk with soybean maturities. For example, there can be a 5 to 7-day range between each maturity group.

As you know, one of the Six Secrets listed by Dr. Below is to grow the fullest maturity for your location to optimize yield. If you are growing the fullest maturity that you can, you are already there.

If you think you can grow a fuller maturity, it just might help to boost not only your yields, but also profitability. She educates growers and Burrus staff on all types of pests, weeds, diseases and other agronomic issues that affect corn, soybean and alfalfa production.

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Posted 31 August Time of growth stage occurrence and the number of days between stages in soybean development may be affected by maturity group and date of planting.

Major study looks at Soybean maturity groups planting dates, maturity groups, economics in Mid- South environment.

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