A Four Bedroom Unit is Perfect for Us

I live on my own, but I am very hopeful that it will not always be that way. I am dating a very beautiful woman, and I am talking about the inside just as much as the exterior. I am planning on asking her to marry me, which is what got me thinking about where we will live. I am extremely confident that she will say yes, and that is how I found myself at thenewfuturacondo.com.sg. I had heard a lot of good things about this place, and I could see why when I looked at the website.

Even though it will just be the two of us when we move in here, I knew we would need more than a one bedroom unit. I looked at the different units, and they don’t even have any that just have one bedroom. They do have two bedroom units, three bedroom units, four bedroom units, and five bedroom units. The five bedroom condos are both penthouses, one on top of each tower. Each one of those consists of two floors along with their very own swimming pool on the lower level.

Even if I wanted to have that, I could not afford it. I don’t need five bedrooms because when my girlfriend and I have talked about children, we both agreed that two would be nice. That means we would need a four bedroom apartment, because we definitely need to have a bedroom for visiting family members and friends. The four bedroom unit is shaped like the letter U. On one side, there are the two kitchens and dining room. On the other side are three bedrooms, including the master bedroom, and a bathroom for each room. On the part that connects the two sides, there is another bedroom and a living room. There are also three more bathrooms there too. After I get down on one knee, I am going to show this to her and see if she thinks it is as perfect as I think it is.