Details Victims Should Consider When Filing An Injury Claim

In Washington, auto accidents lead to legal claims when the at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance or when the expenses exceed the maximum value available. The victims of these accidents have the legal right to seek compensation when they are injured due to another party’s actions. A local attorney provides assistance for these victims right now.

Is the Accident Report Ironclad?

No, the accident report provides necessary details about the accident and all parties that were involved in the accident. However, the report is not the absolute and final ruling about the accident. In an auto accident case, it is possible for the defendant to present evidence that shows a comparative fault. This shows that the victim also played a role in the accident by breaking the law.

Can Victims File a Claim Together?

If the victims are filing a class-action lawsuit, they are grouped together. However, for an auto accident case, it is more likely that they will all file their own claims separately. The attorney will advise them of the most effective strategy for maximizing their award and holding this individual accountable.

What Happens When the Injuries are More Serious?

Auto accident injuries that complicate the victim’s life could present a higher award. This could include a larger value for lost wages if the victim can no longer work. However, the circumstances of the accident could define the full liability of the at-fault driver. If the driver committed a serious crime like DUI, their liability is higher.

When are Wrongful Death Lawsuits Filed?

Any auto accident fatality is investigated through an autopsy. If the autopsy shows that the accident injuries cause the death, the family has a viable claim against the at-fault driver. These findings could present evidence of a serious crime based on how the accident happened in the first place.

In Washington, auto accidents lead to lawsuits based on the fault of the identified defendant. The legal claim provides an avenue to collect compensation for financial losses sustained by the victim. The attorney guides the victim through the process and collects vital information. Victims who need to learn more about these claims contact an attorney now.